Swag - Seriously Warped Anti-Goods:  Wholesale Stickers, Buttons, T-shirts and more!
Swag Wholesale: Stickers, Buttons, Magnets, Stash Tins, T-shirts, Greeting Cards, Jewelry and More!
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Swag Is Canada’s
Premier wholesaler & manufacturer of
Original Counter Culture Goods!

Swag has Multiple Display solutions
including Sticker Racks, Button Spinners,
Magnet Counter Displays.
We offer Carded cello-bagged stickers for
easy display.

Swag only sells wholesale to qualified retailers,
If you are looking for custom-made stickers or buttons
and printed goods; visit swag design factory.
100% Made in Canada!
Selling Counter-Culture Alternative Goods featuring Marijuana and Pot Themes since 1995!
Created for the Seriously Warped Retail Store Owner!